I began resurfacing baths over 33 years ago, back in 1981. My wife was working for a resurfacing company, and I began to take an interest in the different surfaces and reapplication technologies available at the time. In late 1981, my wife introduced me to Eric Scott, who at the time was operating Thermoglaze Brisbane. I followed Eric through the industry, including through a change of formula (to Permaluster) in 1985. In 1986, my wife and I bought a franchise of Thermoglaze and went into business for ourselves. In the beginning we specialised in taking care of old-fashioned cast iron claw foot baths, and we did our very first jobs in the back yard of my mother’s home in Moorooka.

In 1990, we moved to a new premises on Musgrave Road in Coopers Plains; an industrial shed with plenty of room to grow. In 1992, we started out as Brisbane Bath Resurfacing, offering the great independent fixed rate service we still offer today – although we’ve moved to Logan and are now known as Coastline Bath Resurfacing. The new premises opened in 1990 was handed back to Thermoglaze in 2008, and I now concentrate on offering a convenient onsite service.

When we started as a Thermoglaze franchisee, things were nice and easy, and the whole family got involved in the business.

We were a young family, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but the workload soon caught up with us!

Soon, we were doing several tubs and basins each week. I was exhausted.

My daughter Shelley even got involved in the business, acting as our little mascot and ‘helping’ on projects.


These tubs were heavier than they look. No wonder my back got sore!


But in the end I did my back (I don’t know how?) Oh now I remember.
Well all jokes aside by 2008 I think my back had seen much better days and it was time to get out of the heavy lifting so ironically I began in 1986 with Thermo Glaze and ended handing over my work shop to Thermo Glaze in 2008, at any rate they are still there restoring Claw foot baths.

Now I stick to the on site baths basins and Shower trays.