“Glass-Line coating” system.

The most reliable system of resurfacing for both enamel and acrylic baths by a long shot, Outlasting all other systems I have used in the 30 plus years that I have been involved in the industry.I have used 3 different franchised products as well as the more industrial and marine coatings. But since 2004 we have settled with the current proven coatings which have made my life a lot easier and our system 10 times more reliable.

Only the best products and equipment.

The most powerful bonding Agents are used to fuse the new “2 pack Polyurethane acrylic enamel”. to your existing surface (doing away with the old epoxy primers which have been part of the older systems such as Thermo Glaze.) making the new method faster and mrs reliable. Extremely water resistant, hard, chip resistant and a beautiful full Gloss. By far the best finish that I have used in over 30 years in this industry.

What does that mean for YOU?

We are the right company for the restoration in your bathroom.

You have the very best available coating available for your bath

We are not a Franchise and take full responsibility for our conduct and workmanship .

You can rely on our 7 year Guarantee.

thats right our coatings have been tested to the extremes so that we can offer a “7 year guarantee” without hesitation.

The following instructions will help maintain your new surface.

First 24 hours

Do not touch or allow water to drip on new surface for the first 24 hours

Surface is fully cured in 30 days,

It is important not to leave soaps, shampoo bottles and especially pooling water to sit any where on new surface for the first 30 days giving the new coating the best chance to cure evenly and thoroughly.
Further Maintenance

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners. (Scourer pads or powder cleansers)
  • Do not use suction mats. (but if you must pull them up in between showers.)
  • Do not allow water to pool on surface for long periods. (Such as under soap dishes and shampoo bottles etc.

Thank you.
Georg Molnar

Phone 0411 221 394
Email george@www.coastlinebaths.com.au
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