Bath Resurfacing 

Bath Resurfacing at Coastline where we have always been focused on achieving the the highest quality resurfacing. With the intention of renewing

the bath not just refinishing.

We have now achieved our goal and at last the new enamel coating is as good as a new bath. Not just in appearance but also in durability.

The pouring method gives a more enamel looking finish because of its thick, rich full gloss coating.

Ekopel 2k is 98% odourless and has amazing filling capabilities even filling  puddles as deep as 5mm on the bottom of bath.

Great for enamelled, ceramic  and yet flexible enough for acrylic surfaces.

Bath Resurfacing has never been this good.

Bath Repair

Bath Repair is something we are good at, from chip repairs to resurfacing the whole bath. We can also repair cracks, holes and ditches. As part of our re enamelling service. We have repaired many baths that would have been impossible with the spray painting system. So don't panic before you begin tearing out your bath give us a call I'm sure that we can save you a fortune.

Coastline Bath Resurfacing 

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